VoltBikes electric bicycles sales agent and distributor

  • Who we are

    The company “VoltBikes electric bicycles” – the supplier and the developer of eco transport with zero emission of the polluting substances. It was organized in beginning of 2011. Activity of the company began with sales of e-bike accessories: hub motor wheels, e-bike controllers, lithium batteries, Li-ion cells for batteries, battery management systems, etc. Became sales agent the offer was expanded by electric motorcycles, electric scooters, electric bicycles, cargo electric bicycles, electric scooters also added retail wholesale, become the distributor. In 2013 the company mastered assembling of electric bicycles according to customer requirements and produce of electric bicycles on the basis of serial bicycles. Since 2014 we actively are engaged in development and production of cycle trailers, electric mopeds and bicycle frames.

  • What we can

    Having good reputation in the Russian market, high positions in search engines and trade catalogs, and also the service aimed at satisfaction of customers the company surely takes good positions in the Russian market of electric transport. The convenient arrangement of our warehouse of accessories for electric bicycles in the center of the capital in Russian Federation – Moscow allows to carry out fast delivery of components across all Russia. The developing production base allows to carry out assembly, testing and necessary control of electric transport.

  • What we offer

    We offer you sales agent services at an entry into the Russian e-bike market with eco-friendly transport components: hub motor wheels, controllers, lithium batteries, batteries cells, battery management systems, etc. or services of the distributor of electric transport: electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, cargo electric bicycles and electric scooters.